Mustafa Steel is at the forefront of developing high strength, sustainable steels since 1990.

Our underlying business goal is to be an efficient and competitive producer of finished steel products. To achieve this, the Company continually and significantly invests in expansions in the areas of processing, manufacturing.

Mustafa steel is committed to provide fastest response to Requests for Quotes (RFQs), fastest delivery, attention to details and unmatched customer services during all phases of interaction with the customers. Whether you’re a seller or buyer of steel, you’re in safe hands with Mustafa steel. Our established network and structured finance operations mediate the fluctuations in the costs of steel to deliver you consistently fair prices.

Our stockiest and distribution capabilities ensure you receive the right materials at the right time. Mustafa Steel are the experts in steel retailing and smaller steel requirements. We stock a huge range of steels in all sorts and forms all available if that is all you need.



Our core philosophy is to produce safe, sustainable steel. In so doing, our top priority is safety and our goal is to be the world’s safest steel and mining company. As a company, we are committed to our promise of ‘transforming tomorrow’. Guiding us in this are our values of sustainability, quality and leadership.

Our products and services help steel producers achieve the cleanest possible surface quality, most cost-efficient production and lowest conversion costs. Our objective is to improve the safety and productivity of our customers’ operations.

We have a state of the art manufacturing facility for our products right here in Pakistan, which in turn facilitates better availability of products to our customers. Our manufacturing plant uses the latest machinery to ensure industry specific quality standards and levels.
Our mission is to provide high quality service/ product combined with trusted client partnership, and to maintain high health and safety levels and solutions to the client’s need.


We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service.

Our shared services include Importers, exporters, stockers and by-products sales.The shared services teams work to make sure best practice is followed throughout the group, while also sharing local good practices with the entire organization.

Our steel is a fusion of optimum thickness, high-yield strength, superior toughness even at high/low temperatures and outstanding welding ability. We aspire to satisfy clients with our reliable steel and superlative sales service.

We use state of the art equipment and our high degree of automation enables us to produce high quality steel that falls well within established international standards.


We believe you deserve better than the best

  • Client-driven.
  • Quality-driven.
  • Efficient.
  • Growing both our business and our people.
  • Continual striving for improvement.
  • Find the best stainless steel milling for your project.
  • Manufactures and importers.
  • Best stockers.
  • Cost efficient production and fair costs.
  • Retailers directing to best audience, experts in tor and deformed bars.


A Trusted reputation for delivering favorable results

All our products are designed to fulfil requirements of steel reinforced bars, we offer high ultimate tensile strength with standard elongation.

Our quality team goes through regular training on the manufacturing process. To meet the user demand, equipment runs continuously, moving, shaping, and cooling tons of metal every hour. It falls to a team of operators and our employees to ensure that each machine continues to operate, and that there is no deviation in quality and specifications. Continuous investment in quality assurance has developed a sophisticated operation, which enables Mustafa steel to maintain a well-established.