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Ordinary Cold Twisted Bars Mustafa Steel Cold Twisted Bars
Bars are over size and overweight customer get the lesser footage on every ton of steel. Bars are of ideal size with perfect weight customer get the maximum footage on every ton of steel.
Bars have lesser bend ability, due to this bending without cracking is not guaranteed. Mustafa steel bars have superior bend ability, due to this bending without cracking up to any dimension is 100% Guaranteed.
Oval and not proper round shapes gives imbalance strength on each position that is extremely dangerous for the building structure. Bars round shape is the actual need of strong building structure. Mustafasteels bars are produced with proper and perfect round shape that gives the maximum and equal Tensile Strength on any position.
Inadequate numbers of guages/ft. gives the lesser and not the same Tensile Strength that makes the building structure weak and unsafe. Bars have lesser band ability due to this bending without cracking is not guaranteed. Appropriate and precise number of guages/ft. gives the perfect and identical Tensile Strength that makes building structure safe and stronger. Mustafa Steels Bars have superior bend ability, due to this bending without cracking upto any dimensions of100% Guaranteed.


Cold Twisted Bars

Product Specification

Diameter or dimension of(Inch) Cross Sectional Area Gauge/Length (Inch) Yield/Proof Load(Ton) Yield/Proof Strength (Lbs/Sq .Inches) Braking Load(Tons) Ultimate Tensile Strength (Lbs/Sq .Inches) Elongation (Inches) Elongation (%)
3/8” 0.1369 2.0* 3.4 55631.8 4.5 73630.3 0.46 23
1/2* 0.1825 2.5* 5 61639.8 6.6 81008.2 0.52 20.8
5/8” 0.2623 3.0 7.3 62340.8 9.5 81128.4 0.62 20.6
3/4” 0.4618 3.5* 12.5 60632.3 16 77609.3 0.74 21.1
7/8” 0.5914 4.0* 15.7 59465.6 20.1 76131.2 0.82 20.5
1” 0.7645 4.5* 21 61530.4 27.2 796% 0.9 20.5


Cold Twisted Bars

Product Specification

Diameter(Inch) Meter/Kg Feet/Kg
3/8” 1.894 6.061
7/16” 1.447 4.630
1/2" 1.096 3.509
5/8”- 0.702 2.247
3/4" 0.473 1.515
7/8” 0.351 1.124
1” 0.267 0.853

Deformed Bars

Mustafa Steel distributes imported deformed bars in a variety of sizes and qualities all over Pakistan. These are sourced from leading mills in Turkey, UAE and China. Designed on the principles of BS4449:2005 (British Standard) and ASTM A615 (American Standard for Testing and Materials), these bars have numerous benefits that define the pillars of modern construction. These needle straight bars are safely weldable under field conditions, saving steel consumption by avoiding large splices. The bars are also de-scaled due to which they have better bonding with concrete and exhibit less wastage at site.

Deformed Bars

Grade 60

Deformed bar increases the tensile strength of concrete, and can be used for both primary and secondary reinforcement. It helps absorb stress and weight, and facilitates the more even distribution of the tension caused by the expansion and contraction of concrete when it is exposed to heat and cold, respectively. These characteristics make grade 60 rebar particularly well suited for medium- to heavy-duty concrete reinforcement applications. Deformed bars grade 40 and 60 10mm to 36mm which leads to reliability , high bond strength and corrosion resistance.

Deformed Bars

Grade 40

Grade 40 rebar offers a minimum yield strength of 60,000 pounds per square inch, on the metric grading scale. it also features a continuous line system, with one line running along the length of the bar which is offset a minimum of five spaces from the center.

A706 also has excellent strain ductility capacity and chemical composition that makes it more suitable for welding.



Product Specification

Bar Size/mm Area/ mm2 Meter/Kg Feet/Kg
10mm 78.57 1.613 5.319
12mm 113.14 1.124 3.690
16mm 201.14 0.633 2.075
20mm 314.29 0.405 1.330
22mm 380.29 0.334 1.099
25mm 491.07 0.259 0.850
28mm 616.00 0.207 0.678
32mm 804.57 0.158 0.519
36mm 1018.29 0.125 0.410
40mm 1257.14 0.101 0.332
40mm 0.267 0.853 6.061

BS 449: 2005 GRADE G500B

G-500 TMT Bars Mechanical Properties:

Yield Strenth: 500 MPA (min) (72500 psi)
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 575 MPA (min) (83,375 psi)
Elongation (%): 14% (min)

ASTM A615 GRADE 60/ SASO 2/ 1992

G-60 Bars Mechanical Properties:

Yield Strenth: 420 MPA (min) (60,000 psi)
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 620 MPA (min) (90,000 psi)
Elongation (%): 9% (min)

Wire Rod

Mustafa Steel distributes imported low and high carbon wire rods in a variety of sizes and qualities all over Pakistan. Our wire rods are of excellent quality and are currently used in many industrial areas, from basic industrial materials to advanced manufacturing facilities. Mustafa Steel promises to redefine the quality standards of the wire rod Industry.